Anna is a chronic deep thinker, hopeless altruist, and total human.

She started out on paths curated for her by going to school to work with children with special needs. She did a good job of staying the course and completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees to learn such skills.

She spent several years doing this full time in various children’s hospitals around the country. Until she realized it she desired something more. So she quit everything and moved to Costa Rica.

During her two years in Costa Rica she partnered with a Holistic Education Center to create holistic curriculum for children ages 4-10 and their families. She spent two years in Costa Rica designing her dream school curriculum. Creating everything she wished she learned when she was younger. She taught and produced mindfulness, emotional regulation, yoga, nutrition, and conservation curriculum while hanging out daily with monkeys and sloths. The curriculum and school is still thriving and using models Anna created.

She began realizing the need for adults to embody mindfulness and wellness in order to truly teach children. So she created month long fellowship programs for teachers and professionals who work with children. As well as retreats and workshops based on holistic practices with the model of embodying learning from experiential learning and discovery.

She left Costa Rica for the temperate rainforest of SE Alaska where she fell deeply in love with the land. And began to focus on women- the root of our children’s welfare. She became a doula and studied ferociously the history of women while healing her own feminine essence.

She created Wild Woman Retreats as a critical community and space for other women to heal and thrive.

She continues to teach yoga, run wellness programs, lead international retreats, and courses for woman and those who work with children.

Mostly, she hangs out in the woods playing with dogs, eating, harvesting, and making good food, connecting to her community, and learning.

  • Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy

  • Bachelor's Degree in Child Psychology

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (500+ hours)

  • Certified Children's Yoga Instructor

  • Holistic Instructor

  • Mindfulness Educator

  • Postpartum Doula

My experience with Anna was grounding.  Her personal investment in the inner journey is evident.  I felt welcome and comfortable in her steady inclusive presence.  She is definitely an example of healing and love
— Bo (Retreat Guest)