Wild Woman Alaska

Feminism is not about making women strong. Women are already strong.

It is about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”

-G.D Anderson

Wild Woman Immersion

Ketchikan, Alaska

July 1st- 6th, 2019

I came here putting a lot of weight on this retreat. I was needing something, but I didn’t know what. And I can honestly say this experience far exceeded my hopes and expectations. I feel alive again…you brought me back to life.
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Wow, I’m not sure how you put an experience like this into words. The Wild Woman retreat was simply magic! The gathering of women, the sharing, and the connections that transpired were immeasurable. I have never felt so much love and openness from other women and had so much FUN in one week. Since this retreat, my cup has been overflowing with gratitude and a new sense of being has emerged within me. The imprints this retreat has made on my heart and soul is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced.
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What's Included:

  • 5 nights, 6 days

  • Beautiful private lodge steps from the ocean

  • Shared bedroom with private bath

  • All meals, all days

    • Nourishing, local, organic meals

    • Local, wild caught fish

  • Daily yoga

  • Daily Wild Woman Workshops

  • Beautiful guided adventure hikes

  • Sea kayak adventure

  • Archery Lessons

  • Beach Bonfires

  • Special 4th of July Celebration

  • Airport pick up and drop off

I needed help finding my voice and the words to describe my experience with 12 strangers to begin with, soul sisters at the end. I miss most your proximity because in your company, I felt I could be my very best self. I have this photo from the week with my head thrown back in laughter. Now that’s something I can’t remember doing until the retreat. I didn’t even know how empty my cup was until I arrived. It then spilled over with the raw courage shown by each and every wild woman who showed up. And it was your workshops, Anna, that fast-tracked our intimacy. What a different experience it would have been without them. It would have been fun, but without the depth of connection. I felt brought to my knees, and then my hands touched the earth, allowing me to root down and rise up. With many weights lifted through storytelling, it was much easier to get back up. So thank you for the lesson that vulnerability matters. Telling your story to the right audience matters. My heart and soul loves you to the moon.

Wild Woman Leaders

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.11.00 PM.png

Anna Ulmer


Anna is the founder of Feeding Happiness and Wild Woman Retreats. She is an Occupational Therapist + Certified Yoga Teacher For Adults & Children + Mindfulness Educator + Holistic Instructor + Doula. She is passionate about empowering the individual through experiential education, mindfulness, adventure, movement, & wellness. She is dedicated to joy & learning through traveling & adventures of all kinds. She has led international retreats & month long holistic fellowship programs based on mindfulness, nutrition, yoga, & wellness. She started Wild Woman retreats as a space for women to gather in authentic and empowering ways while re-immersing in wild, beautiful places full of adventure, joy, & healing.


Amanda Davidshofer

Wild Woman Yoga Instructor

Amanda is a licensed Physical Therapist with over 10 years experience + Certified Yoga Teacher + Cranial Sacral Therapist. She currently works as a personal trainer & yoga instructor. She loves helping individuals find their unique strength while cultivating a healthy balance in their lives. She is passionate about living healthily, mindfully, and with a sense of joy! She loves all things outdoors, connecting and playing outside including small and epic adventures. Some of her epic adventures have included hiking from Mexico to Canada via the Pacific Crest Trail and kayaking 1300 miles along the Inside Passage of Alaska. She lives in Ketchikan with her husband, son, & beloved dog where she cultivates a life of simplicity, authenticity, and dedicated vulnerability.

"Something wild and beautiful happens when you start to love yourself and embrace every single piece of who you are. I think it's something like freedom." 

- April Green



Learn from Anna and Amanda with their unique professional backgrounds as therapists.

Combined they have over 16 years of experience in rehabilitation sciences through their graduate degree studies. With strong knowledge of body systems, anatomy, alignment, and posture; Anna and Amanda use their unique backgrounds to create challenging, safe, and individualized instruction to each student.  

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With 8 plus combined years of yoga teaching experience, Amanda and Anna will lead a variety of yoga classes from various style of yoga such as vinyasa, hatha, yin, kundalini, and restorative.  

Enjoy daily yoga classes classes suitable for all levels and abilities. 

Learn breath work practices, energy shifting modalities, mediation techniques, and much more!

Oh man... So much about this was my favorite. Just from a planning perspective it seemed that every detail had been considered, from the welcome gifts to the mix of fun and realness to the setting to the follow up of recipes and a private Facebook group to continue to share as a group. The thing that really made it meaningful for me though was the environment of realness and non judgement - to be able to have meaningful conversation and sharing with women in a world that tells us we always have to put our best for forward was really a gift

Why Wild Woman?

Wild Woman Retreats seek to transform the perception of what it means to be a woman.


Now, more than ever, we are re-examining what conditioned and normalized societal expectations have done to our sovereignty. There is an awakening to come back to what has been lost. To begin the work of reclaiming, restoring, and honoring the feminine essence.

Wild Woman Retreats seek to facilitate and ignite this awakening. Without the pressure or false ideology to change, improve, or fix women. But rather to help women remember all that they already are.

As women, we often come to believe we are never enough or that we require something outside of ourselves. This pressure from our culture drains the life, passion, and power from our hearts. It stifles our joy. We forget we are meant to feel wildly alive and free. We are meant to feel unbounded joy.

Wild Woman Retreats provide the space, education, experience, and authentic community connection to help women reclaim who they really are. All while resetting and getting away from it all in beautiful locations around the world.

This is for the Wild Woman we forgot.

Join us for a week of remembering. Reclaim your wild. Reclaim YOU.

Why Ketchikan?


Visit the beautiful, rainforest, island town of Ketchikan, Alaska.

Alaska's first city and the salmon capital of the world!

Ketchikan is a mecca for adventure and outdoor fun in the summer. This pristine island is surrounded by lush mountains, beautiful rainforest, vibrant foliage, and an ocean view from just about every corner.

Frequently seen are grey & humpback whales, bald eagles, black bears, sea lions, & more!

 Ketchikan is a beautiful, mostly unknown (we like it that way), hidden island gem in South Eastern Alaska.

Ketchikan is easily accessible, with just a short 2 hour plane ride from Seattle, WA.


Wildlife and the Wild Woman are both endangered species.

Over time, we have seen the feminine instinctive nature looted, driven back, and overbuilt… it has been mismanaged like the wildlife and the wild lands. The spiritual lands of the Wild Woman have, throughout history, been plundered or burnt, dens bulldozed, and natural cycles forced into unnatural rhythms to please others.

It is not by accident that the pristine wilderness of our planet disappears as the understanding of our own inner wild natures fades.

-Clarissa Pinkola Estes



Experience the best of SE Alaska through incredible day hikes.

During the retreat you will be guided on spectacular hikes which offer incredible views of Ketchikan, the coast, and multiple lakes and mountains ranges.

All hike are adventurous but safe and accessible for multiple ability levels.

Anna & Amanda are experienced adventurers who are very comfortable and familiar with the terrain and well-versed in outdoor safety protocols and accident prevention. You will be asked to bring a small backpack to carry your own water. The rest of the equipment and snacks required for the day will be supplied for you.

Some of the most beautiful hiking opportunities in the world! 

I can’t say enough about my experience on the Retreat with Anna. It was a beautiful mix of mindfulness and physical activity. They were great leaders who led the group to be extremely open and supportive to each other. I came with an empty cup and returned with a much more positive outlook, my cup was overfilled. If you are on the fence, please go you will be so glad you did!!

Kayak Pristine Southeast Alaskan Waters


Explore the beautiful ocean waters that surround Ketchikan and the Tongass National Forest via a guided kayak adventure.

Paddle around small islands, observe bald eagles nesting, and maybe have the chance to paddle next to sea lions or whales.

No previous kayaking experience is necessary.

Retreat leaders & guides have years of kayak experience and know how to safely guide any ability level. 

Wild Woman Archery 


Archery is a powerful activity to cultivate focus, strength, & empowerment.

Learn this ancient skill in the wilderness, shooting at natural targets such as tree stumps or drift wood.  

Have fun harnessing this wild woman skill with a recurve bow. 

Learn the basics of archery and recieve indivudal feedback to harness your skill. Channel your feminine strength in a guided, playful, accessible, & safe environment. 


I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this retreat. It turned out to be everything I didn’t know I needed. Anna planned such a healthy, well balanced week, with every detail considered. And the women who showed up came all-in. It was a perfect balance of rest, community, adventure, and learning. I left feeling refreshed and filled up physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you get the chance to do this, take it. Embrace your inner wild woman. Go all in. It is by far the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time (if not ever), and an experience for which I will be forever grateful.

Join us for a week of adventure & remembering.

Reclaim Your Wild.

Reclaim YOU.

July 1st-6th, 2019

Ketchikan, Alaska

Early Bird Pricing By May 6th: $1,699

After May 6th: $1,799

Reserve your spot via a $500 deposit today!

Pay the rest in payments up until 30 days prior to arrival.

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*Space is limited to10 people: sign up soon to secure your spot!

*Airfare not included. $500 deposit due at time of sign-up. 

*Full payment due 30 days prior to arrival. Cancelation policy: Full refund 60 days prior to retreat.