5 Unlikely Tips for Beating the Blues


5 Ways You’ve Likely Never Heard of on How to Beat the Blues. From the bacteria in your gut to freezing cold showers. Here are my top 5 mood boosting trick! 

1. Probiotics
Did you know your gut produces more serotonin than your brain?! Your gut actually produces about 90% of your serotonin! In order to maintain those feel good hormones it is essential to have a healthy gut.

I take one of these every morning.

I am also upping my kimchi, sauerkraut, & probiotic drink game. My favorite probiotic drink is Kevita.

2. B-Vitamins
B vitamin deficiencies are very common. B vitamins are crucial for optimal health, energy, handling stress, liver detoxification, heart health & mood balance.

I like to take this high-quality B vitamin to keep my mood up & my stress levels down.

3. D-3
Sufficient vitamin D-3 levels are a vital aspect of a healthy mind and body. The best way to get it is through direct sunlight. Therein lies the problem for most of us. Even if you live a sunny place, the majority of us are D-3 deficient.

Here is my favorite D-3 product that I am taking daily.

4.  Movement
This is so important! The last thing I want to do is move when there is a warm couch & a snuggly dog. Yet, every time I move I feel better.

Exercise releases all the feel good hormones, which helps to ease depression. It will help up your metabolism & actually boost your immune system. It doesn’t have be an extreme workout. Walks, jogging, yoga, dancing….find something that works for you.

5. Cold Showers
I know, I know….sounds terrible. And it is. They suck, I hate them, sometimes I scream out loud & make noises I didn't know I was capable of...BUT I feel amazing afterwards!

There is actually a lot of research supporting this. Cold showers can decrease depression & strengthen your immune system. Two things we desperately need in the winter months.

It’s doesn’t have to be a polar plunge or a torturous ice bath. Try taking your regular hot, steamy shower. Do all your washing and then channel your inner Iceman Hof and stand under cold water (as cold as your shower will get) for just 30 SECONDS. That's it. Aim for at least 3x/wk. 

If you are still not convinced, read this great blog post about the benefits.

Of course, nourishing organic food from the earth that is in season is also optimal to keep your gut and brain happy. 

Cheers to beating the blues!