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“The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”

We have this backwards view of purpose in our society. That it’s something we need to find or create. That we all have a purpose we are supposed to be living out. Feeling like a failure or inept if I can’t figure out what that purpose may be.

Find your purpose, your passion, they say. Live your purpose, they tell me.

But purpose isn’t something we find. Nor something we create.

Purpose is our birthright.

Existence is our purpose.

Purpose is not some glorified mission on this planet.

We all inherently have purpose. What we choose to create and do with this purpose is entirely up to us.

And most of the time, I find it changes. That fleeting sense of passion or creation. It ebbs and flows with my life as I change and grow.

I don’t want to be put into a box of holding onto a romanticized purpose or “mission” on this planet. I think we are so attracted to this idea of having a grand purpose because we seek value that we lack within ourselves.


When value resides inside us, not in an external purpose.  Not in changing as many lives as possible or having a large audience or influence. It is in the everyday value we place on ourselves and the people we love. That is purpose. That is where value lives. 

Anna Ulmer