Feeding Happiness Offers Family Nutrition Programs in 3 Basic Platforms:


1. Online Courses and E-books

2.  Nutrition Curriculum for Teachers and Parents 

3. Online mentoring and family coaching


Kids & Family 

Tips and Tools for A nourished Family 

 Feeding Happiness has extensive experience with feeding therapy, nutrition curriculum, and family-based nutrition plans. Combining clinical skills of feeding therapy and holistic knowledge, Feeding Happiness provides easily integrated, effective, and FUN recipes & strategies for the whole family! Get the free e-book on simple effective kid friendly recipes to get started! 

Forget dogmatic, restrictive dieting. Discover the intuitive voice of your body. Learn how to eat what is right for you at this unique stage of your life. Befriend your body and eat for self-love and empowerment without stress or unrealistic diet fads. Learn to trust the wisdom of your body first and foremost.