Feeding Happiness is a culmination of all the things

that create the recipe for happiness & growth.

Feed your happiness.

Become who you are. 


Feeding Happiness is a counterintuitive approach to wellness. It is not based on dogmatic diets or lifestyles. It is not another self-help strategy.

It is a movement to remember the truth of who we really are. To build critical connections, reciprocity, and awareness.

To remember our inherent wholeness.To become more aware of our selves and the truths of our mysterious reality to better interface with the world around us. To grow as a collective through individual responsibility and authentic relationships.

One of the greatest things we can do as individuals is take action towards our own well-being.

When we are well, there is no limit to our potential. When we are well as a collective, we are empowered and unstoppable.

Feeding Happiness is, thus, a movement to the return of interconnectedness, reciprocity, and love. From this place of harmony and sovereignty in our own lives & communities we can move the collective towards the same justices. 

Join the movement. Become who you are. 



Anna Ulmer

Anna is a licensed Occupational Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness Educator, AND Holistic CheF & Instructor.