Happy 60th Birthday! You are SO loved! 

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"You are SO Beautiful    and I love you SO much !   Happy 60th! 36 of which you have spent with me and it has been wonderful!!" -Denny

"Something nice about your mom? Where should I start?! I am so thankful to know Kathy. She is amazing! She started as my boss, is now a co-worker, and above all else-my friend. She encouraged me to become a special education teacher. I am thankful for her guidance!" -Dannon

"Kathy is a true inspiration, I have the pleasure of working with her everyday.  She has the patience of a saint and a heart made of gold.  Thank you Kathy for being the best boss, co-worker, friend and role model.  Have a fantastic birthday.."   Love ya lady . Jackie 

"What I love about your mom: Her smile when she sees the people she loves. Her eloquent use of profanity in any conversation is something I aspire to. And I will always remember her support of our family and my mother during our darkest hour. Kathy is an amazing woman and I'm lucky to call her my Auntie."- Mandy Kuller 

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"How blessed am I to have a sister-in-law who is also a best friend? Kathy, I love your gentle soul, your sense of humor, your humble ways, and all the love you give away so freely. Thank you for the love you have shown me, Wayne, my kids, and especially my brother, Denny!!! Happy Birthday, my beautiful 60 year old sister-in-law and best friend forever." -Jenny


"Kathy has been part of my life since I was a very little girl. Since I've known her, I've thought of her as a warm, fun, caring person that would do anything for her family. Some of my favorite memories start with her tucking me in at my first sleepover, getting Rocky's pizza after long days of swimming in the lake and cheering us on at every basketball game. I always remember Kathy getting too nervous and having to leave with 2 minutes remaining in the game. It always made me laugh when I'd look into the crowd seeing her run for the door.

Kathy is a wonderful person and has been a great influence on so many people. We are all lucky to know her! Happy birthday, Kathy! Cheers to many, many more!!" -


"What I appreciate about ur ma is that u can always depend on her to bring the dip" -Uncle Dan

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"Hope you have a wonderful birthday Kathy!" Love you, Rachel

"I remember I was about 16 and your mom dad and Jennie came to visit in DL. She french braided my hair and made me feel special! It was a time in my life where I was the only one living in DL and I so missed my sisters. Love me some Kathy Ulmer xxoo" -Jenny Jorde

"Kathy, so excited to wish you a happy 60th Birthday and have the opportunity to thank you for being such a light in my life growing up next to Anna. I truly am so grateful to have had such a gentle and kind soul be a part of my path. I have too many fond memories of growing up with your family to name and I hold them all so close to my heart. Wishing you the happiest of birthday’s today and everything that fills your heart in the years to come." -Kaitlin

"Dear Kathy,

I wish you the very best for the next 60 years! I've known you for half your life, meeting you as a young Mother over 30 years ago. You've always been a kind and compassionate lady, a very dedicated mother and grandmother, and a good partner for Denny.  You have  been a good listener for me, and a supportive mother to Anna and Sarah. We all struggle with our demons, and you have proven over and over again that you're well equipped to deal with life on your own terms. I wish for you many more healthy years. Much love to you and to your entire family."- Bill Steen

"Happy birthday to Kathy! So many great memories with the Ulmers growing up with them on Fish Hook river and lake. Kathy always greets you with a smile and a hug and is the most genuine, kind and patient person there is. Happy 60, cheers to many more!"- Nikki Davis

"Do you realize that you have been in my life for 27+ years?? From the preschool dirt and worms to the blue pontoon to bon fires on the lake to spaghetti dinners to prom with Anna to my wedding to San Diego... You've been there for so much! I'm so lucky to have grown up in all your houses from the river to Bemidji to the lake. The times we've had and the times we have to yet have. Thank you for the teachings, memories, support and love. You brought me into your family and never looked back. Happy 60th!" - Love Mitch

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"Happy Birthday! Thanks for the baked lays potato chips!"- Aaron Pederson

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"My aunt has consistently shown me how generous and kind a person can be. I'm so proud to have claimed her as a family member and hope life continues to bless her, anyone who knows Kathy knows that she deserves every happiness! Hope you have the best birthday yet, 60 has never looked better!" Love Kelsey


I think of you often and feel so grateful for the time we had working together. You truly have a gift with the children

you work with- they are so lucky to have you by their side! Happy birthday to one terrific gal!

Love, Kelly Schupp


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