Feeding Happiness offers Mindfulness Training in 3 basic Platforms: 

1. Local Mindfulness Camps for Children Through My Mindful LIfe

2. Global Recharge Retreats in various locations worldwide

3. Local Weekend Recharge Professional DevelopmenT for Teachers


Mindfulness Camps For kids! 

My Mindful Life provides mindfulness camps to children to foster life-long skills of self-awareness, compassion, empathy, & self-efficacy. Most standard education systems typically only teach to the mind. What is often overlooked & in many cases completely forgotten, is inter & intra personal intelligence which foster emotional regulation, empathy, & positive relationships to the self & others. 

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.
— Aristotle

Weekend Recharge

Two Day Professional Development Workshop

A shorter, condensed version of the Teacher Recharge Retreat. Mindfulness & stress management workshops for Teachers, Educators, Therapists, and Pediatric Professional focused on cultivating balance, self-care, and stress management for the pediatric professional as well as multiple strategies to implement mindfulness for children in the classroom and other professional settings. CEU's provided! 

I have often felt that most teacher trainings and workshops are either dry and boring or unnecessary. Rarely do presenters account for prior knowledge and experience and they often do not practice what they teach...

This was different. The presenters live and practice what they teach. Our histories and experiences were considered. Not only were they considered, they were valued, and our input was seen as a part of the collaborative experience, which is how it always should be.
— Training Attendee

Mindfulness Retreats For TEachers!

A groundbreaking experience for teachers! 5-6 day international retreats designed for teachers! A perfect blend of mindfulness training, adventure, & relaxation. The mission of Teacher Recharge is to provide a container for teachers to connect, recharge, & find a renewed sense of passion, & empowerment through mindfulness training, yoga, & adventure. Retreats provide professional development credits. 

The Mindfulness Teacher Recharge Retreat isn’t just an experience, it’s a revolution of what teacher professional development could be and should be.... Teachers need and deserve this experience so they can carry the lessons into everyday practice.
— Byron (Teacher)