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6-8 Session Mindfulness Course for Children

Mindfulness is a powerful, scientifically proven approach to sustained wellness and happiness.

My Mindful Life teaches mindfulness to children to foster the life-long skills of self-awareness, compassion, empathy, & self-efficacy. 

Most standard education systems currently only teach to the mind. That is cognitive skills such as math, reading, writing, & science. What is often overlooked & in many cases completely forgotten, is inter & intra personal intelligence. We have forgotten to also teach to the heart. To help children understand the self, emotional regulation, & empathetic interactions with others. 

Mindfulness is purposefully bringing awareness to one's experience.

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In today's fast paced, over-stimulating world, it is more important than ever to learn tools of awareness. As a whole we are more overloaded, stressed, & disconnected than ever before. We have forgotten the importance of connection to the self. 

Mindfulness brings calm awareness to our individual needs & experiences. Improving the way we engage with those around us. It helps to nurture positive self & peer relationships, self-authority, & social-emotional learning.  

From this place children learn how to choose thoughtful responses verses emotionally charged reactions.

Improving learning, attention, emotional regulation, empathy, & conflict resolution.

My Mindful Life provides a series of 6-8, one hour long classes to children in two different age groups:

Group 1: 4-6 year olds

Group 2: 7-9 year olds

Each class will start with a playful yoga class with breathing & calming strategies followed by themed lessons. Examples of class themes include but are not limited to:

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  • Gratitude

  • Compassion

  • Kindness

  • Befriending Emotions

  • Peace

  • Truthfulness

  • Friendship & Community

Children will learn:

  • How to recognize & articulate emotions

  • Strategies for dealing with big emotions

  • Calming & self-regulation tools

  • Yoga poses for strength, attention, coordination, & flexibility

  • Tools for improving focus

  • Tools for self-awareness

  • Teamwork & Cooperation

  • Positive Peer Relationships

  • How to thoughtfully respond vs react

Each family will also receive as a bonus, My Mindful Life: The Home Handbook for Parents. A handbook which includes all strategies & lessons taught throughout the course plus bonus material to continue mindfulness practices at home for the whole family! 

My Mindful Life travels to your location to provide these services! 

Send a message below to inquire about setting up a course near you!

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