Spotlight on Spirulina

This superfood algae is a great source of plant-based protein and essential nutrients. Find out my favorite ways to incorporate it into recipes. Click here!


Savory Sauces

Sauces for salads, wraps, and more! My go to sauces that help me meal prep for the week packed with nutritious ingredients & full of flavor! Click here!


Raw Falafel

Healthy, nutritious falafel balls! Easily my favorite savory raw dish. Simple ingredients, delicious, and filling. This one is always a hit for any diet type. Click here!



These really need no introduction. Healthy, delicious, life-giving nutrient-rich nachos that are easy to make. Do I really need to convince you more? Click here!

Morning Smoothie

My go-to supercharged morning smoothie that revives me from the depths every morning. Loaded with energy boosting, sustaining, morning enhancing ingredients!


Healthy Fudge-Like Treats

My favorite chocolatey treats with antioxidant rich, serotonin boostin cacao powder. Chocolate that tastes amazing and packs serious nutritional value. Click here! 

fudge stuff.jpg

Sips of Love

Some of my favorite things to make our really delicious, supercharged drinks. They are a great way to curb hunger & get superfoods in throughout the day. Click here! 

heart coffee.jpg

Cheesy No Cheese Sauce

Cheese sauce without the toxic hormones or inflammatory dairy properties but still tastes like the savory, comforting blissfulness of cheese.'s that good. Click here!  

Healing Kichari

 A delicious & warming staple of Ayurvedic healing & detoxing. Not to mention it is seriously delicious. A simple way to gentle cleanse & nourish your body. Click here!

kichari 2.jpg

Vegetable Curry

The most requested recipe I make. This signature curry dish will please any diet type. So much so that I am hesitant to give away it's secrets.'s one of those.