An Initiation

8 Week Online Course & 4 Day Gathering

Tending the Wisdom. Weaving the Future.

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This online course serves as the next step in the Wild Woman Initiation.

Following a Wild Woman Retreat when our hearts are finally allowed to come home to each other and our highest truths, an awakening happens.

Yet, often, the true work begins once we go home. When we have to figure out how to retain the remembering, how to carry the wisdom, and how to keep our hearts alive in a world that feels unsupportive of these truths.

That’s what this course is born out of. A real, tangible way to stay connected & to continue the journey together. To continue the learning. The becoming and unbecoming. To heal together. And ultimately, to start the work of creating a new way of living with women/life at the center, in relationship with the earth, and from a heart centered, wise, and woven place.

We must create the new systems, new stories, and new ways of being in the world. We must be the change ourselves. We are the ones responsible for planting the seeds for a new way of being that is simultaneously ancient and rooted.

This is a devotion to you and all those who came before you. A devotion to your own aliveness.

Sunday Evenings 4-6pm PST

Jan 5th- Feb 23rd, 2020

Week1: Jan 5th

Devotion over Discipline: Creating Every Day Ritual

WeeK 2: Jan 12th

Ancestral Healing: My Family Tree: Tending the Wisdom

WeeK 3: Jan 19th

Wise Woman Tradition: The Way of the Great Mother: Personal & Planetary Health

Week 4: Jan 26th

Body as Ally: Cyclical Body, Guest Speaker: Marissa Correia: Cycle & Womb Wisdom

WeeK 5: Feb 2nd

Plant Allies: Practical Herbalism, Cultivating Relationship to Land, & Reciprocity with Earth

WeeK 6: Feb 9th

Tending the Heart: Emotions as Allies: Tools & Perspectives

WeeK 7: FEB 16th

Sacred Activism: The Stories that Harm Us, Uncovering Truth, & Tools to Weave Social Justice into Everyday Life

WeeK 8: FEB 23rd

In Support of Life: Pioneering a New Story: Creating Thriving Community, Envisioning a Better Future

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Closing Workshop Themes at Weekend Gathering

March 6th- 9th

*Tending the Wild Creative: Your Unique Gifts

*Rewriting Your Story: Reclaiming Personal Authority

*Joy & Pleasure: Embodiment for the Revolution

*Plus Special Ceremonies, Yoga Classes, & More!

This is for YOU! To discover the tools to remain connected to your heart and your center. To cultivate daily devotion to your own aliveness. To remember who you are. To come back home to your creativity, your joy, your right to pleasure, and your deepest dreams and desires. This is for YOU.

Weekend Retreat at Liberty Arising

March 6th-9th, 2020

Boulevard, CA

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We will culminate our time together via a super special 4 day weekend retreat at Liberty Arising Retreat Center in the high desert of southern California.

Liberty Arising is a beautiful, off-grid, permaculture farm, and conscious retreat center. Located in Boulevard, California approximately one hour east of San Diego. Making it easily accessible from the San Diego airport.

Liberty Arising offers the perfect escape and chance to truly connect to the land. A chance to get away from it all to reset, recharge, and reconnect in a beautiful, wild, high desert landscape.

Home of the popular Sacred Sons Retreats.

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Our retreat center is nestled at the Southern end of a165 acre property surrounded by mountains in the high desert of Southern California. The retreat center (Shala) boasts a 1000 square foot practice space, a kitchenette, a den, a dormitory that houses 24 participants, four private guest rooms, two full bathrooms and one half bath. Other accommodations include a two room private cabin that sleeps 2-4 next to the Shala and a belle shaped canvas tent that sleeps 1-2 people.

We have a 480 square foot kitchen constructed of strawbale and cob which is a stand-alone structure fully stocked with commercial kitchen equipment. This kitchen was the first of our permaculture projects and was constructed by many helping hands.

Our outdoor bathing deck supports a hot tub, cold tub, bathtub, shower with steam sauna, toilet and 4 outdoor shower stalls. Our other deck surrounds a full size pool.

We have 4 composting toilets on the property, a cob Fogon oven, and a 48 ft Geodesic Dome.
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What to Expect from the Weekend:

  • Daily Yoga

  • Desert Hikes

  • Daily Workshops/Circles

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Special Breath Workshop with Blake Spencer

  • All meals, all days

  • Free use of pool, hot tub, and steam sauna

  • Entire Retreat Center & Grounds to Ourselves

  • Plenty of free time to relax and recharge

Lodging Options:

Private Room with queen or king size bed (only 6 available)

*an Added $150 dollars

Private Lotus Tent with queen size bed (only 1 available)

*An Added $100 Dollars

Dormitory (sleeps up to 24 on floor mattresses)

*At Cost

Tent Camping (bring your own tent and sleeping bag)

*At Cost

*You may share a bed with a friend, but both guests will be expected to pay the same price*

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Value Exchange for Course and Retreat

Cost of Course ($650 value)

Cost of Weekend Retreat ($800 value)

Total Price: $1,350

*SAVE $200 when you sign up by November 11th for a total of $1,150*

After November 11th:

Pricing increases to $1,200 for Wild Woman Alumni & $1,250 for Friends/Family (must sign up by Dec 1st)

After December 1st:

Price increases to $1,300 for Wild Woman Alumni & $1,350 for Friends/Family

*Payment plans available (message to inquire)

*Pricing includes, course, materials, & weekend gathering with all meals & lodging.

*Does not include airfare

Can’t make the Weekend? Want to do the Course Only?

We, of course, encourage you to do the weekend with the course as it is built for the weekend to be the completion and “graduation” of the course. However, we understand life, so if you can only commit to the course you can do so below. You can always choose to join the weekend later, but the price will increase.

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The Elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water.
And I say, see who is in the river with you and celebrate!
At this time in history, we are taking nothing personally, least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!
Banish the word ‘struggle’ from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
— Hopi Elder's Prophecy

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where do I fly into? Fly into San Diego International Airport. We can help arrange transportation to the Retreat Center. It is approximately one hour east of San Diego.

  2. What time does the retreat start and end? Arrive by 12:00pm on Friday the 6th. We will end around 11:00am on Monday the 9th.

  3. What is the weather like at the Retreat Center? It is high dessert. Meaning it will likely be 60s-70s during the day and chillier at night (into the upper 40s and low 50s). Bring layers! We will send out a packing list and much more to make sure you will be well prepared for the weekend and weather.

  4. What if I can only do the course? We prefer you do it all together as it is meant to build up to the gathering but if you can’t make it, message me, I am happy to make something work!

  5. What if I can’t pay it all up front? No worries! Send me a message and we can make a payment plan that feels good to you!

  6. Will you be offering this again in the future? Likely not until next fall 2020. This is super special pilot program for alumni and I am not sure I will offer it again in this way.