Spring Revival


Personalized Cleanse Program

Thank you for your interest in a spring cleanse. I am excited to offer this more individualized program to meet your needs. Please fill out the form below to get started. I will then get back to you and together we will decide how to move forward.

If you have general questions send an email to: anna@feedinghappiness.com 

Please complete the form below

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If you don't know yet, I can help you determine what length is best for you.
If you don't know that's okay. Just a general idea of why you want to do this would be helpful.
If so, for how long and what type of cleanse?
There are many options for spring cleanses from juicing only to 3 light meals a day. What type of restrictiveness and intensity do you feel is best for you right now?
ie sugar-free, grain-free, keto-friendly, paleo, vegan, food allergies?
We can continue to discuss this as I design your unique program to make sure it feels of the most alignment for the value I am offering you and the price you are able to pay.