“We are not human doings. We are human beings” -unknown

The 3 S’s

1. Stillness: Sitting in stillness is a great way to start an awareness practice. Our bodies are always providing feedback for how we are feeling. We often to forget to take the time to listen and tune in to what we need.

Implement it:

  • Try setting a timer on your phone with the goal of lying or sitting still for 3-5 minutes. Tune into your body and just notice how it is feeling without labeling anything as “bad or good”. Your job is to just notice without changing anything.

2. Silence: Silence is an important aspect of awareness practices. We often find many answers in silence. Silence speaks to us if we take the time to listen. This helps us become more aware of our internal environment; the thoughts in our minds & feelings in our bodies.

Implement it:

  • Take moments of silence throughout your day. Choose normal everyday activities to implement it into. Maybe you decide to have a silent lunch. Or you drive home without the radio on. Maybe you take a silent walk before dinner.

3. Slowing Down: We often rush from activity to activity throughout the day without much pause in what we are doing. Many of our actions become automatic as our brains adapt to our normal patterns & routines. On average, 95% of our daily actions are automatic or subconscious. Meaning we are not consciously aware of what we doing for most the day! From this autopilot mode, adaptability, flexibility, calmness, & control over our emotional reactions become nearly impossible. It is important to take the time to arrive throughout the day to tune in to how we are feeling: bringing more awareness, focus, and attention to our daily actions.

Implement it:

  • Find ways to arrive throughout your day. Pick 3 things you do daily to be reminders to arrive. Before you start these things, pause & take 3 deep breaths before continuing. For example: every time you check your email, turn on your car, open the fridge, or send a text message. Pause. Take 3 deep breaths. Continue.

The 3 S’s are not the only way to practice mindfulness. It can be practiced anywhere at any time by simply bringing more awareness to what is happening through simply pausing and taking a few deep breaths. 

Taking the time to go inward through silence, stillness, & slowing down helps us to better perceive and notice our effect outwardly on the people around us, environments, & situations. Thus, it helps us to behave & respond more effectively & compassionately. And the world could certainly use a boost in compassion. 

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